9 Ecommerce Strategies to Optimize Sales

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Let’s face it: Website visitors can be skittish.

If you can turn them into paying customers, you can generate more sales without ever changing the price. But for this to happen, you have to clear the way for shopping.


Now it is necessary that you cool your homepage and site structure.

You want to advertise through paid search campaigns, display ads or social media advertisements. But if the design of your site is not optimized for conversions, you will not get a return on that investment.

Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage your visitors to take action using simple (and proven) ecommerce techniques.

Here are 9 top tips to encourage users to take the next step.

Conversion Tip # 1: Free Shipping

The most common reason visitors abandon a purchase is the shipping cost. Your solution? Offer free shipping to your customers, and clearly state that your site is profitable.

39% of customers will make enough purchases to receive free shipping.
Furthermore, a study by Compite states that:

If free shipping was offered, 93% of online shoppers would be encouraged to buy more products.
By offering free shipping, you can increase the size of your orders along with conversions. See this article on Web Marketing Today on how you can offer free shipping to your customers.

Conversion tip # 2: clearly show discounts and specials

Give your customers special offers on products or categories
Allow wholesalers to shop at special rates
Provide promotion through your offline advertising
In the Oneupweb Consumer Study, 95.5% of respondents explicitly cited pricing and shipping information as an influential factor in making a purchase decision. Do not be a victim!

Make sure the price of a product is clearly stated, whether on your homepage or on the product page itself.

If possible, try to calculate taxes and shipping. When the products are added to the cart, your shoppers know the final price before they ever checkout.

Conversion Tip # 3: Referral Rebate

Test # 1

Tested the Optimized to Action (CTA) call for an external gear retailer’s reference-friend program and found that active external enthusiasts are significantly more motivated by “year rewards” than “gate rewards”.

Text? Offer a referral waiver, and while you’re at it, test different ways to offer. They work, obviously, but they can still be adapted.

Test # 2

Or take a tip from Airbnb and offer product credits in exchange for referrals.

The new program encourages users to invite their friends to offer cash credits to be used for future Airbnb bookings.

According to Courtney Boyd Myers, writing for Tabtequb, AirBnB received good results from the program.

Airbnb first tested the new referral program in the highly successful close-beta program of 2,161 existing members, bringing in 2,107 new members, a ratio of approximately 1: 1 community goodness.

Conversion Tip # 4: Add Review and Rating

The data runs an experiment to see how product reviews and ratings affect conversion rates.

More importantly, the conversion rate for the same product – after adding reviews – was 35.27% higher than before adding reviews.

He also found that the number of reviews matters a lot. Products with 20 or more reviews had an 83.85% higher conversion rate than those without. Conversion Tip # 5: Do Your Email Marketing Beyond the Inbox
Over the next few years, we will see a lot more e-commerce companies linking their email marketing campaigns with related social advertising.

In a study where a major retailer in the US targeted 925,000 email subscribers with the coordination of their regular email and Facebook ads, customers receiving both ads were 22% more likely to make a purchase than those receiving only email. was.

What you can do with this strategy is the ability.

Imagine a customer buying a product online, then five minutes later finding an ad on Facebook with a popular product. If they do not buy an upsell, you can send them an email with a discount on that specific upsell product.

Wishpond has written in this post about strategic ideas to experiment with as well as how to set up such advertisements.

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