Click Magnets: 12 Landing Page Elements That Ensure Conversions

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We have been told many times that the average website can achieve a conversion rate between 2 and 4%, that we begin to consider it as gospel truth.


We cannot get away from reality.

In a study of 2,912 e-commerce sites by MarketingSherpa, about 38% of websites reported conversion rates ranging from 1 to 5%. This means that over 60% of e-commerce sites actually enjoy conversion rates that are over 5%. And it is also not a conversion rate for landing pages.

This figure refers to the conversion rates for the website as a whole. The landing page is not the same as your home page. Landing pages are webpages that are tailor-made for a clear purpose. The purpose is generally related to conversions and each aspect of the webpage is geared towards maximizing these conversions.

So why solve If these people can, then you can. Here are two bits of me working for conversion rates on our own website.

An adhesive page layout

We buyers have a clear idea of ​​what we are looking for and we quickly lose interest when we do not find it at all in the first few seconds of visiting the webpage.

If there is a set pattern that most people expect to follow, and if there is a very small window of time when these people can be addressed to take the desired action on your page, then you need to re-invest your investments. Must receive your design spot to achieve.

Follow the basic layout principles for landing pages:

Keep the design simple and intuitive. Do not make it difficult to find your original message on your landing page.
Keep clutter at bay. Bling and ing busy ‘looks are for R&B singers. On your landing page, minimalism works best.

Avoid the navigation bar on your landing page. You do not want users to wander your website when they have reached your landing page. To minimize such distractions, remove that navigation bar from your landing page.
Keep your form short and the number of fields to a minimum. Once the user is converted, you will always have the opportunity to get more personal information about them later.

Converts a compelling copy

A landing page is a page on a mission, as previously described. Mission – Conversion.

Now, a business may have multiple programs that count as conversions in different contexts. Email capture can be considered a conversion, so can download an e-book, and therefore an e-commerce sale.

Whatever conversion you count, choose only a single conversion goal per landing page and write copy around it.

Despite this, despite CRO being such a fundamental principle, MarketingSharpa found that 48% of landing pages have multiple offers, making them directionless and weak.

Good copy which usually converges

Be crisp and action oriented. Be direct to tell the user about the offer and take advantage of it.
Be interesting and readable. Sure, you want to avoid banging around the bush with a copy of the landing page, but that doesn’t mean you should be as dry as sawdust. Make your copy short yet, and you will have users hanging on your every word.

Avoid hard-selling in your copy. Instead offer readers factual reasons why your proposal is terrible and how they will benefit from it.
Offer a clear call to action (CTA) in your copy. Many marketers confuse the CTA with the “submit” or “click here” button. It is much more than that. An effective CTA tells users the actions required to enjoy a particular benefit.

For more copy inspiration take a look at this magnum opus on landing page specific copy writing.

Show them how other users love you

The first things that I do, when I shortlist something to buy online, is to see what other users have to say about it. It is not just for me. Research shows that there is nothing like social evidence to convince a user about a product and its benefits.

Improve your chances of conversion by offering your users what they want. Include this social proof in your landing page as follows:

Honest Testimonials from Real Customers. Make sure that users specify that they like your product rather than how they find you and your product great.
When you provide testimonials, make sure you also present the names and pictures of the recommendations; With their permission.

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