Customer Service Management For Local & Small Business Owners

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Customer support is about communication and customer satisfaction. To deliver the best possible customer service experience, you have to be responsive, supportive and knowledgeable.

The demands of customer service representatives are varied. During the decision to buy, issues with the goods already delivered from the product or brand questions. Good customer service management requires rapid response and satisfactory answers.

This means that the available help desk where customers want attention. In the 24/7 digital landscape, this can be difficult for a small or local business. How many small businesses can afford a 24/7 contact center?

We help you manage your customers

The answer is to make communication – and excellent customer service – as easy as possible for both you and your customer. Businesses using many online and offline marketing methods have a 91% better year-over-year retention rate than those businesses.

The primary channels where customer service communication is carried out have changed. Ten years ago, the answer was phone and web form / email. Today, we have more effective omnichannel communications. We can communicate with customers the way they feel most comfortable, provide better, more personalized customer service, and build a solid reputation for customer care.

Feedback to customers

6 effective ways to communicate with customers
Phone calls
Text message
social media
Web chat
Engaging with customer reviews
Get more customers now

Small business owners often have to do multiple tasks at once, such as caring for customers while doing fieldwork. Smartphones are a benefit for small businesses; A teeny, hand-held ubiquitous communications center that allows you or your sales team to answer phone calls, text or email and use customer information.

No matter how a customer contacts you, the faster you can respond, the more likely you are to increase customer satisfaction, close sales, and sustain the business. Are.

Quick response time is the biggest factor determining the success of your customer service. 71% of customers who face great response time are recommending that specific brand to others. People want answers now. After waiting for responses they have to take their business elsewhere.

Good old fashioned phone calls

There are examples where speaking on the phone is preferred. The older generation likes to communicate in this way. Some issues are best handled with a sympathetic voice. Physically listening to words that validate their concerns, spontaneously speaking to disgruntled customers and very quickly defining a stressful situation. Taking the time to call a customer with a service resolution confirms that they and their business are important to your company.

Calling also provides an opportunity to ensure that all needs are met. A personal touch leaves customers feeling satisfied that they have been heard and that their issues have been resolved. “Can I help you today?” Leaving a conversation with, gives the customer an opportunity to bring up any other questions or doubts that they may have.

Mobile text messaging broadly

Mobile text message

Text messaging is the biggest change in customer engagement. It is now the # 1 favorite form of communication. Follow texts increase conversion rates. Three or more lessons can increase conversions by more than 300%.

Open rates for text messages (98% open rate) are much higher than email (20% open rate), and this corresponds directly to higher sales conversion rates. Customers want and appreciate updates and reminders via text. Appointment slots can be confirmed and new services can be advertised.

Automatic signals send welcome texts. 

When using the mobile app broadly, you can talk directly to your customers about when and how they want, using their favorite platform, whether it is text or email. All interactions are visible in real-time for each customer service agent. No delay does not mean that no loop is avoided. If the agent is already a settled customer, another agent can basically step in without missing something. Faster response times mean that problems are solved faster, which can increase customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

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