How to Create Conversion-Ready Landing Pages Like a Pro

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Beholding an efficient conversion optimizer work.

These people – good people – are magicians. They know exactly what to do, where to take the goods, how to organize it, how to make it, and exactly how to design a page that will earn conversions and loads of cash.


how do they do it?

Conversion optimization, part mystic art and part entrancing science are not a natural thing.

In addition to my experience in conversion optimization, I have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most successful conversion optimizers. What I produced in this article is an unveiling of how the best conversion optimizers make landing pages.

A word about this crazy world of landing pages, content and conversions
For many businesses, the process of creating a landing page is a temporary task. Instead of developing unique landing pages for various PPC advertisements or campaigns, designers simply swap some piece of content into a template and create a new landing page.

Unfortunately, this is not a very strategic approach. The landing page, whether it is the landing page website’s homepage or even the PPC target, is the conversion powerhouse. Allowing your fate to be determined by the efficacy of a temporary design is risky at best.

All features of the landing page. Elements of “content” that I will mention below include more than just words or CTA copy. They encompass the entire vision of a landing page – its purpose, intention, audience, action and then obvious things like pictures and text blocks.

A word of warning: Conversion optimization is not as simple as following some “best practices”, which reduces your form fields, or makes your CTA button larger. Sure, those things help.

But it is much more than that – more complex and far deeper.

What you are about to read simplifies it, but does not change the fact that there is a level of complexity that may be beyond what you expect.

I set aside all the customary delusions about the orange button and the things that always promote conversion.

Instead, I went straight for cognitive juggler. This is the deep content that really matters in conversion optimization. This is how professionals created landing pages.

Get to know the target customer.

This single point traverses every other point in the history of optimization.

Knowing your target customer is the most important thing that you can create your landing page.


Because your target customer is the one who will convert. Make it for the person, not for anyone else.
Every group of buyers is different. What works for cat lovers is not going to have the same impact on marketing professionals.
Each element on the landing page needs to meet the specific needs of the target audience – pictures, copy, explanations, and more.
People’s learning style is different. An interpretive video may work for some people, while long-term content may work for another type of learner.
The more targeted the landing page, the more effective it is.
I suggest a laser-focused approach to understanding your customers.

Before running a single test, create a single title, or view the same image, do so: Research your customers and get to know them.

No problem unless you know your customers.

how do you do this?

First, I suggest you develop a customer personality. You can use the list in my online marketing guidebook to help me.
Second, create a customer journey map to help you understand how and where your marketing differentiates with the customer experience.
Notice how some of the most successful landing pages aim to have an unstoppable focus on the audience.

Here are the manpack. A landing page with this type of title, subheadline, and picture will work with some other viewers.

Know your target audience

Compare a landing page that targets a completely different demographic.

Know your target audience

Everything about these landing pages is different. Conversion actions, layout, copy, options, images – everything is different.


Because two pages have two different listeners.

Do not try to do conversion optimization until you know your customers.

Understand the correct conversion action.
Before we can have a coherent discussion about conversion optimization, we need to understand what conversion action is.

What do I mean by conversion action?

Each landing page has a certain action that it is trying to get to the customer. When the customer completes that action, it is known as a conversion.

A conversion can be a purchase, or they can be a micro-conversion such as filling out a form or submitting an email address.

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