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Have you ever wondered what IVR service providers are? Allow us to provide a brief description of IVR, and you can also understand IVR based services later.

IVR’s full form is Interactive Voice Response, and it is Automated Communication Technology. Mainly, significant companies use it because it enables the customers to interact with the services without human assistance. You can take the example of Airtel customer support, Apple customer support, AT&T customer support, and more.


  1. Anyone can use it by adding scripts.
  2. Callers can make transactions.
  3. Callers can reach out to the customer care representative.
  4. It helps the callers to learn about solutions and new services.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose is to assist the callers without the human presence, and it also helps businesses to provide more effective customer support without any extra effort.


IVR Technology has become an essential tool for companies like BanksLPG Gas providersCustomer careAmazon packages, and more.


Best Cheap IVR Service Providers in India

Finding an ideal IVR Service Providers in India is extremely difficult. A Google search is not enough to find a reliable IVR solution because there are so many lousy & irresponsible providers in the market. You want to avoid such providers, or else you have to face a hard time with them. Allow us to suggest five IVR providers who are reliable & they offer the services at an affordable price.

Last year we were added top 5 IVR Service providers in India, but due to some issues on billing with these companies, I kept searching for a better option that suits our business.

After using a year IVR system for our company, we found Techment.iN in mid-2019 and shifted our all Interactive Voice Response services to them without changing my number.

What did I get from them?

  • Free Voice Over on Annual Plan
  • Quick and Easy Setup Dashboard
  • Call Recording
  • Record and Upload after office message from your panel
  • Find all missed and received call logs on realtime

Its been three months now using their services for our three support executives to provide customer support, I am pretty impressed with the service I am getting from them.


1. Servetel Review

Servetel is an advanced level cloud telephony IVR Service Providers in India. They land in the First position of our IVR services in India list. The IVR service provider advertises Toll-Free numbervirtual numbervoice broadcastingclick to callIVR based servicesIVR hosted services, and more. They have a clientele of CiplaOLA cabsCars 24Glidec, and more.


The Servetel did not reveal the pricing, and they prompt you to try the trial version. It is a marketing tactic to get people to register for the trial version, and after you input the details, then they reveal the pricing. The primary motive is to make you try the free version for a while.

  • They have a basic plan for beginners.
  • The advanced plan meant for the medium-size business.
  • The premium plan for those who cannot get the job done without interactive voice response & voice process services.

The pricing is not available because they believe in providing custom packages to the clients.

Key Features:

  • The dashboard has basic IVR and advanced IVR.
  • A user-friendly dashboard that allows you to pick your choice of numbers, and virtual numbers.
  • Custom On-Hold MusicCustom SMS APIMulti IVRAutomated Outbound Calling, and personalized IVR.
  • You can subscribe to the bulk SMS packages as well.
  • Voice broadcasting helps you to send outbound calls instantly and connect to your customers.
  • The call routing assigns any available user or the right department.
  • The company also offers miss call service for quicker & hassle-free campaign.
  • A Toll-Free Number can add considerable value to any business.


Every inbound & outbound call can be recorded for quality purposes. A real-time analytic and call logs to check back the received & dialed calls. A dedicated toll-free customer care line for those who want to reach customer care.


2. Exotel Review

EXOTEL is another Indian company that offers interactive voice services. The company headquarters located in Bangalore, and it stands on second our IVR services in India list. The EXOTEL has worked with some of the reputed enterprises like PractoRed busQuikr, and more.


They offer voiceSMS, and Authentication. The prices vary from product to product; you can check out manually.

  • You get a trial period of 15 days with 1000 credits that you can use it on the SMS & voice services. You can use it any of the available products. We implore that you check the pricing page that has features listed in it.
  • By paying Rs.9,999, you get Multilevel IVR, Rs.5,000 usage balance (calls/SMS), and three agents. The company charges you Rs.4,999 for rental purposes, and you get six months’ validity.
  • By paying Rs.19,999, you get Multilevel IVR, Rs.9,500 usage balance (calls/SMS), and six The company charges you Rs.10,499 for rental purposes, and you get one-year validity.
  • By paying Rs.49,999, you get Multilevel IVR, Rs.39,500 usage balance (calls/SMS), and unlimited The company charges you Rs.10,499 for rental purpose, and you get one-year validity.
  • Custom package.

Key Features:

  • The dashboard has a virtual number-creation feature that enables you to add virtual numbers.
  • A toll-free number can a vast amount of value to your company, and you can add it using these companies.
  • You can also enable scripted automated calls so that customers can self-solve the problem.
  • An inbuilt feature to look at the performance & analytics to improve your company.
  • They have a blog that teaches you how major companies have implemented number maskingautomated phone callsreduce operational costsincrease efficiency, and more.


Unlike many other brands in this industry, Exotel allows you to use the package for SMS & Voice purposes. It is entirely up to you whether you want to use it for the Voice purpose or send SMS. You also get validity, and it is not a monthly subscription. A monthly subscription would be a bad idea for a smaller business with less communication activity.

You can also try the trial version for 15-days with every feature unlocked. Dedicated customer care comes in handy when you are in confusion.


3. My Operator Review

MyOperator is a significant platform in the industry, and they are working with some of the popular brands in the country. LenskartMake My TripFood panda, and more, to name a few. The company excels in offering interactive voice services and a business voice system to the customers. They are standing top on the IVR Service Providers in India mountain.


  • They have a free plan, but it adds no value to the majority of the users.
  • The first paid package starts from Rs.1500 per month, and it offers four users with one thousand free minutes.
  • The second & third package offers Rs.3000 & Rs.5000 per month, and it is suitable for growing businesses.
  • The enterprise-level package offers some premium features, but you have to contact the team for the custom order and get valuable offers on it.

Key Features:

  • You can use virtual numbers to send & receive calls from clients & customers.
  • An (1800-000-000) toll-free number can add considerable value to the customers.
  • A unique number that represents your brand, and it is called a vanity number in the business.
  • You get insights like analytics reportcall informationhistoryperformance reportvoice mail facility, and more.
  • There are additional features like re-marketingCRM integrationSSL security, and more.


My Operator is an established company, and it comes with the benefit of expertise. They offer an instant demo for you, so you can try before you buy. You can start recording the calls for the quality purpose and customize IVR.

They have secure customer care to support your queries and solve the issues. And, it is one of the reasons why they stand number one on our IVR services in India list.

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