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Today we talk to Lance Jones about the role of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and a task management tool in process management.

Lance has been associated with CRO since the early days of Web in 1993. He has done Intuit, Conversion Rate Specialists and Conversion for Adobe and is a co-founder of Copyhackers and Snap.


Lance, what do you love most about CRO?

I have managed a team for 10 years. Trying to break through a conversion rate ceiling can be challenging, but I love that when you find a test or strategy it gives positive results. It is a kind of intoxication.

Why is CRO so important?

We all competed a lot more than we paid attention to, and we value CROs because you have to figure out a way to squeeze every last opportunity to start a relationship with someone. If you do not convert them, someone else will. And that is what makes CRO so important.

If you do not convert them, someone else will. This #whyCRO is so important

Change in cro

How has the use of CRO technology changed things?

Over the years, I have noticed that the bar on good marketing always grows. People are open about sharing the techniques they have tried and what has worked for them.

Recently, much attention has been given to exit intent and opt-in models, the quality and length and frequency of blog posts, using email as a real relationship builder and engagement tool, intercom, remarketing, drip App messaging with tools like campaigns – among which is raising the bar.

Is there any downside to it?

The level of sharing is incredible. So everyone jumps on the good stuff shared and they eventually wear it. Once everyone tries a strategy, it loses its luster. Many of them are beginning to overuse the strategy.

If some strategy is overused now, what do site owners and marketers need to think from now on?

Something we’re trying is a recent, high-speed test written by Sean Ellis of Growth Hackers. They completed the experiments they were running and increased the monthly active users from 90,000 to 152,000 in just 11 weeks.

They included things like new email campaigns to engage people more, product feature releases, A / B testing, and gather information from their most committed users and visitors to understand where they want to get out of the community Were. To do this work, he needed a lot of ideas.

What is your main takeaway from growth hackers strategy?

The more experiments you can do, the better. No one is sure if an experiment will succeed. When you maximize the number you run, it maximizes the potential for profit.

“The more experiments you can do, the better.”

Importance of onboarding
Are there any other field conversion optimizers to think about?

As a technique for CROs, onboarding has been renewed focus.

Conversion is a term that is used loosely. Just because someone opposes your marketing, or they sign up for your free trial, even if they make the first purchase, does not mean they have converted. To me, they are just the first steps towards adoption.

For us, CRO has been adapted. We have become more focused on getting people to adopt our solution and make it a habit of our solution – which is onboarding. It is taking people to that aha moment as soon as possible and causing behavior interruptions so that they don’t even think about using your product or service, they just do it.

A good resource that we have used is hooked by Nee Iyal. We use our hooked-up methodology to find out what our clients’ triggers, actions and rewards and investments are and what they are optimized for.

Hook book cover

CRO and Mobile Apps
In terms of CRO, how much do we need to take care of recent changes to the Google algorithm?

I don’t know how much I think about it, but the fact is that Google is expanding its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. It is clear that if you want to appear in search results, you should be aware and make sure that you are not ignoring it.

The more important aspect for CROs is the idea that Google will start indexing those websites, as they do. They are going to do deep linking in your web or Android app, and those results will be visible.

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